Roben Sutton began his career in golf as a good amateur and collegiate player but several attempts to make it on the PGA tour did not go as successfully. These experiences taught him that endless hours of practice, trying real hard and learning everything he could about how to swing a golf club did not pave the road to success as a player. In fact, they got in the way, but these lessons learned provided the wisdom to teach others how to become better.
 For over 40 years he has taught golfers of all skill levels, from amateur champions and professional tour players to thousands of average and beginner golfers. They became better by changing their habit patterning through repetitions and reducing their effort level.
The harder you try at golf, the worse you do but the worse you do the harder you try! Effort produces jerky, abrupt muscle movements, not smooth swings with club-head speed.

Good golfers behave in a relaxed and confident manner as they swing  "My job as an instructor is to help my students modify their "golf behavior" so they swing better with less effort, hit better shots and build confidence. Confidence enables good golf."


Roben has been teaching Golfers of all skill levels for more than 30 years.  He is a Life-Member of the PGA of America. He can be reached at 843.298.5696 or email