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"Golf is not an easy game to play well, but learning to swing a golf club is easy. All that most people need are the correct fundamentals of grip, posture, stance, alignment...and a good instructor." - Roben Sutton

Golf is a wonderful game. It offers an ongoing challenge and opportunity for improvement and self-satisfaction. All too often, however, people give up on golf due to poor play and frustration. Good instruction greatly enhances the probability of success and serves to open the door to a lifetime of enjoyment of the game.

Professional instruction will enrich your golf experience by improving your performance, no matter what "category" of golfer you are. Please click below to select your skill level.

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Why choose me as your instructor?

I am an experienced, dedicated, knowledgeable and patient teacher.

Experience-For more then 30 years, I have taught people of all ages, from all walks of life and every skill level. Thousands of beginner, recreational and tournament players have benefited from my instruction.

Dedication - As a full time golf instructor, I not only care about my students' improvement and enjoyment of the game, my career depends on it. I take pride in developing golfers' capacity for better play. I give my interest, my concern and my best effort, always, because I am a professional. I am a teacher, not a retailer.

Knowledge - I know golf. I know the physical game and the mental game. I know competitive golf and recreational golf. I know the basic fundamentals and subtle techniques of good golf. I know the bad swings, bad habits, and bad thoughts of poor golfers. I know how to make you better.

Patience - This is the nature of the game when it comes to golf. It takes time to learn or re-learn how to swing a golf club well. It takes a lot of patience as you try to rid yourself of detrimental habits, instincts or cross-sport interference. Learning can be fun and you will improve. Encouragement, further or varied explanation, and positive reinforcement, perhaps along with a recommendation to practice more, is what you will get from me. I consider patience my greatest asset as a golf instructor.

"Some good golfers are born...All good golfers learn!" Roben Sutton