Learning Programs and Rates

Learn to play golf or learn to play better golf in the format of your choice:

1) Private Lessons

One on One instruction provides the best opportunity for learning. You get my undivided attention during each session. I can get feedback from you on every swing as we work on your improvement. Learning is all about habit patterning. Establishing good swing habits as a beginning golfer or exchanging bad habits for good ones as an improving golfer. Constant observation and coaching works best.

Rates: $50.00 per 1/2 hour (4/$180) or $90.00 per hour (3/$250)

2) Semi-Private Lessons

Instructions designed for couples, Father & Son, Mother & Daughter, Two Friends, Playing Partners etc.

Develop correct fundamentals of grip,stance,posture and alignment together. Then you will get my individual attention for half of the remaining time - still plenty of one-on-one interaction.

Rate: $100.00 per hour.

3) Small Group Clinics

Families, Foursomes, Friends or Fellow Vacationers. One hour sessions on the fundamentals of the full swing, the short game, or the mental side of the game. Chose a combination of two or all three.

Rate: $45 per person for groups of three or more students.